Have you been left feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the immense amount of information available surrounding BBQ huts? Are you keen to learn about the benefits making such a purchase, or find out more about the installation process and long-term maintenance costs? As a leading provider of BBQ huts in Ireland and the UK for in excess of 17 years, we are ideally placed to answer any questions or queries you may have!

Where should I site a BBQ Hut?

Your BBQ Hut can be sited anywhere in your garden. It can make a great focal attraction in your garden so usually a position where it can be viewed from […]

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Will I need a base?

Your BBQ Hut will require a solid level base to sit on. This can be made out of wood decking, concrete or patio slabs. If the area you wish to […]

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Who will build my BBQ Hut?

The Aquasun team will arrange the installation and construction of your BBQ Hut. Construction typically takes two days to complete so you won’t be waiting long. The only thing we […]

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What Payment Options Are There?

Aquasun offer flexible payment options on all our BBQ Huts making them affordable and within budget. You can choose to pay in full or you can choose a payment plan […]

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Aquasun Guarantees

Aquasun have engineered a superb reputation for our phenomenal customer service ever since founding more than 17 years ago. And considering our insatiable drive to improve, our commitment to guaranteeing our customers and clients a long-lasting, highly reliable, top quality product is obvious.

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How to Prepare for your BBQ Hut?

Whether you are at the very earliest stages of considering a BBQ hut purchase, or are desperately anticipating the arrival of your model, Aquasun can help you prepare for its eventual delivery. Irregardless of your preference of BBQ hut or house, our dedicated consultancy team are vastly experienced to advise on the most appropriate areas for your item to be housed, and the most appealing aesthetically.

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How to Buy a BBQ Hut?

Beginning your journey towards BBQ hut ownership is far less stressful and hassling than you would probably imagine it to be. Initially, you can browse our outstanding range online, and make use of our ‘get a quote’ link, which will leave you simply awaiting a response from one of our friendly and dedicated expert advisors. From there, or alternatively, you are more than welcome to visit our Ballymena showroom, and discuss your requirements or obtain advice from our approachable consultants.

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Why Buy a BBQ Hut?

Find out how the ownership of a BBQ hut can have tremendous effect on your general lifestyle, with a vast array of social advantages linked to their installation. As well as providing a luxurious relaxation space, BBQ huts are rightly renowned for their outstanding functionality and usefulness at gatherings or parties, and allow you to spend quality time with family and friends in the stylish new outdoor hub of your home.

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