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Endless pool indoors

Can you install an Endless Pool indoors?

Endless Pools have become one of the most popular products that we offer at Aquasun, as they provide both an effective and cost-efficient solution to completing swimming exercises within the comfort of your own home.

Also, Endless Pools are one of the most flexible swimming machines available, as they can be installed in a variety of different areas. But where are the most convenient places to install an Endless Pool, and can they be installed indoors?

These are questions that the team at Aquasun are regularly asked, so in our latest blog post, we assist those who are currently considering buying an Endless Pool by answering the question of whether an Endless Pool can be installed inside your property and more!

Where can you install an Endless Pool?

One of the most attractive features of an Endless Pool is that it can be installed in essentially any available ground floor space, and can be positioned either above ground, in ground or partially in ground.

Due to the lack of year-round warmth that we endure in Ireland, most of our customers install their Endless Pools indoors so they don’t have to brave the cold whilst completing their aquatic exercises.

Some of the most practical indoor spaces for Endless Pools include basements, conservatories, prefab garden rooms and garages, as these are all areas that are most suited to the Endless Pools’ modular range design.

However, of course, if you wish to install your pool outside you are able to do so. This method is usually recommended for those living in warmer climates, although some of our customers have had their Endless Pool super-insulated so they are able to swim outside in the coldest possible climates.

Compared to some of the other swimming machines that are available, Endless Pools require very little maintenance. Short-term maintenance consists of monitoring the water and adding chlorine when needed, a process that takes just a few minutes and only needs to be completed once a week!

Find the perfect Endless Pool with Aquasun

At Aquasun, we offer an extensive range of Endless Pools that are available in an array of different sizes and designs. You will be able to find an Endless Pool that meets your requirements within our leading stock.

In addition to this, we offer finance packages on both our single shell and modular Endless Pools to help you find a solution that reflects your budget.

So, experience the benefits of daily aquatic exercise by browsing our range of Endless Pools today!

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