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How to clean your hot tub filter

Cleaning your hot tub might not have been at the forefront of your mind when you first installed it. However, it is very important that you keep your unit in tip top condition to ensure longevity and keep everything running smoothly. Aquasun have a range of cleaning products and filters so that your hot tub lasts.

Hot Tub Cleaning Products for the UK

It is recommended that the filter in your hot tub is changed at least once a year, as using a cartridge that is older than two years can be detrimental to your health as well as cause problems with your hot tub. In the meantime, it would be worth swapping out a filter if it becomes damaged. Not only does Aquasun stock a range of filters designed to fit all the models of hot tub that we sell, but you can also purchase a cartridge cleaner for those in-between cleans!

Cartridge Cleaners Keep Filters Fresh

So, how can you keep your filters clean? Aquasun recommend that every week you give your filters a quick rinse with the garden hose to get rid of any dirt that has been trapped in between the pleats. Each month you should give your filter a ‘deep clean’. Why not try Aquasun’s cartridge cleaner to help keep your filter fresh?

Leave your cartridge overnight in a water and cleaner solution to soak and in the morning, or after twenty-four hours, rinse thoroughly with water from a garden hose.

From PH balancers to surface cleaners each designed for specific use on hot tubs and spas that will allow you to ensure the longevity of your unit, Aquasun stock a range of spa chemical cleaners .

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