How to Maintain your Hot Tub?

19th January 2015

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Common Hot Tub Maintenance Queries

Q. How do I prevent a build-up of cloudy water?

A. Poor filtration and water balance, the collection of undesirable compounds and low sanitizer residual are all frequent factors in the creation of cloudy water. To counter this, the use of instant filter cleaner is advised, its operation necessitated by its ability to remove debris, oil and grease from spa filters. In addition, regular sanitizer residual checks should be performed, and generous levels maintained when at all possible.

Q. How do I prevent scale formation?

A. Appearing on the back of excess calcium dissolution within the water, scale becomes unstable in hot water due to its high PH levels. Spa Scale Inhibitor should be used weekly to counter the formation of scale.

Q. How do I prevent staining?

A. Typically, metals within the water are the most common cause of hot tub stains. Spa Scale Inhibitor helps with the removal of stains, whilst hot tubs using this product on a weekly basis will be less susceptible to them in the first place.

Q. How do I prevent skin and eye irritation when using my hot tub?

A. Experiencing dry and itchy skin or bloodshot eyes is not uncommon for irregular or new hot tub users, but there is a preventative solution. An abnormal pH level (too high or too low) is the likeliest cause of irritation, and so investment in a pH Increaser or pH Reducer is strongly advised, obviously in accordance with your needs.

Q. How do I prevent foaming?

A. Amongst the most common complaints of new hot tub users, foaming occurs in the presence of lotions and cosmetics etc. The use of Spa Foam Reducer represents an ideal solution, eliminating existing foam from your hot tub.

Q. How do I prevent a build-up of coloured water?

A. High water velocity and pH, as well as low levels of pH, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity are common causes of copper erosion within hot tubs, which can lead to the presence of coloured water. For the restoration of normal water, and to minimise the risk of stain accumulation within your hot tub, the use of Spa Scale Inhibitor is essential. In extreme cases, involving a mass build-up of dissolved metal, draining of the hot tub may prove necessary.

Q. How do I prevent bio film growth?

A. The accumulation of bacteria in a hot tub can lead to bio film growth, which often presents itself as a slimy white substance, almost spaghetti-like in its appearance. In order to remove bacteria within your hot tub, it must initially be fully drained, prior to its refilling with fresh, clean water up to its jets. In cohesion with this process, three or four times the usual amount of stabilised chlorine granules should also be infused into your system.

Following this, your new water should be allowed to circulate for somewhere between two and three hours. And during this circulation, you must remove the existing filter(s), proceeding to soak them in a solution at the approximate scale of two teaspoons of stabilised chlorine granules to 10 gallons of water.
To complete the process, perform another full draining of the spa, before refilling, rebalancing and sanitizing your hot tub.

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How to Maintain your Hot Tub?
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