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Do hot tubs clean themselves?

Do hot tubs clean themselves?

If you own a hot tub, one factor that should be at the top of your priority list is maintaining its level of cleanliness, as studies show that the average human loses around a pint of body fluid during every soak.

Luckily, all hot-tubs come with a filtration system, but is there such thing as a self-cleaning hot tub?

Well, in this latest article, we explore whether self-cleaning hot tubs do exist and provide you with all the information you need to know on how to maintain your hot tub, keeping it as simple as possible.

Self-cleaning hot tubs; are they real?

Whilst browsing hot tub models over the last few years, the term ‘self-cleaning hot tub’ may have caught your eye, and we are not surprised. A hot tub that can effectively clean itself with zero maintenance? Sign us up!

However, the truth is that the concept of a completely self-cleaning hot tub with zero maintenance simply does not exist. Apologies for breaking this news to you!

Many manufacturers label their hot tub models as self-cleaning in an attempt to lure potential customers into making a purchase. When in reality, most of these hot tubs only have a faster turnover rate with regards to its water filtration, and still require regular the same upkeep to maintain water cleanliness.

Although completely self-cleaning hot tubs are a myth, there are certain methods that can help reduce the amount of time spent when maintaining your hot tub.

Inline Sanitising hot tubs are a great solution!

Introducing the Inline Self Sanitising System – sound similar to the myth right? But there is a clear difference.

The system is integrated into the shell of the spa where it works continuously.

Rather than measuring out chemicals, you simply replace the cartridge that lasts for weeks or months. The cartridge has a dial that you adjust depending on how often you use your spa. Bromine is easier on the skin and the system requires fewer chemicals, making it easy to use your spa as often as you want. Combine the In line cartridges with the optional FreshWater® III ozone system for the most effective water care on Hot Spot spas.

For more information on our innovative Inline Self Sanitising System, call 028 2763 7988 now.

Find Hot Tubs That Require Minimal Water Care

Although we don’t have any hot tubs that require zero maintenance at Aquasun, we are proud to only offer hot tubs with the highest quality filtration systems, inline sanitisers in out HotSpot range and Salt Water Systems in our Highlife and LimeLight Collections to ensure you spend minimal time and effort when handling water care.

Furthermore, not only are the hot tubs that we offer highly hygienic, but they are also super energy-efficient and provide an array of health benefits!

If you would like to browse the selection of hot tubs we have available at Aquasun, head over to our dedicated hot tub section today.

On top of this, at Aquasun we also provide a selection of products that can help you keep your hot tub water as clean as possible. To make sanitizing your hot tub water a simple yet effective process, browse our water care range now.

Discuss self-sanitising hot tubs with an expert team.

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