The World’s Greatest Underwater Symphony

SpAudio is the “virtual reality machine” for your music, a completely integrated music system designed specifically for the spa environment experience.

  • With SpAudio, you can sit in the middle of the Boston Philharmonic.
  • You can close your eyes and play lead guitar with your favourite band.
  • You’ll know what a conductor feels as the music rushes through you.
  • Like a gifted musician, you won’t just hear the music… you’ll experience it.

SpAudio creates an experience your home entertainment system never could. Unlike any other stereo, wherever you rest your head…that’s where the speaker is. Imagine an IMAX Theater just outside your door…only the seats are warmer…the sound more vivid and the stars far more beautiful!

The spa shell becomes the speaker, so the music is not only heard, but the audio vibrations are actually felt during this extraordinary experience. The sound waves travel through the water creating the perfect relaxation environment. SpAudio® uses advanced transducer technology to distribute the sound evenly throughout the entire spa shell, therefore eliminating the need for external speakers to accomplish its unique surround sound effect.

Take the SpAudio challenge today: Bring your favorite CD and your swimsuit to your nearest AquaSun Showroom. Test SpAudio for yourself. You will be amazed. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Specifications. Available as an after-market option on the 2003 Grandee® and Vanguard®, models, SpAudio makes relaxing and entertaining friends and family even more enjoyable. Simply plug the Sony® FM/AM Portable CD player into the external CD housing located on the spa cabinet, and sit back, relax and enjoy. The volume and equalization can easily be controlled from the spa’s Auxiliary Control Panel, so there is no need to leave the water.

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