To further enhance and customize your spa experience, all Hot Spring spas come with an extra large 5-position dimmer controlled light. This unique LED light uses far less energy than a standard light bulb and is rated to provide up to 100,000 hours (over 10 years) of illumination before requiring a replacement.

The Luminescence™ LED light system lets you personalize the mood by selection among six interior light colour choices – or enjoy all the colours cycling. The system is factory-installed in all HotSprings models while its optional on Tiger River spas – which come standard with a soothing blue light.

When the SpAudio, Luminescence, and Clarion systems are combined in your spa, you’ll enjoy an incredible sensory experience!



Our underwater light, the Splendors LED light kit, with interchangeable coloured lenses, makes it easy to create the perfect mood. The new Splendors LED light kit elegantly illuminates the water by delivering a variety of tranquil colour choices to let you match and enhance your every mood. Select from red, green, blue, white, purple, amber or aqua.

Can’t decide on just one colour? Then transform your spa into a colourful oasis by allowing the economical LED light system to cycle through the palette of all seven rich, vibrant colours. The combination of warm, tranquil hydromassage and a rainbow of glowing colours will pamper and soothe your senses and end your day on the perfect relaxing note!

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