Hot Tub Preparation

8th September 2015

Before your hot tub or spa arrives, you probably have understandable reservations regarding the dimensions of the component, and how to ensure it operates with the utmost energy efficiency after installation, allowing you to save on cost. Thankfully, Aquasun are on hand to offer support and advice in this regard, so you can be confident that your hot tub or spa is performing to its full potential, yet as cost effectively as possible.

Aquasun provide spa specification renderings upon request, drawing these out to scale to help you decide how to best integrate your hot tub or spa into your chosen environment. You can download these renderings specific to the hot tub or spa you order, ensuring the best results possible.

Preparing for your Energy Efficient Hot Tub

And of course, by choosing a hot tub or swim spa from Aquasun’s great collection, you know you will receive an energy efficient component that spares you of a huge electrical bill. Many hot tubs and spas come with the promise of being fully foamed, but often use only cheaper, low density, open-cell foam. Contrastingly, our fantastic selection of hot tubs and spas are completely insulated via high density, closed-cell polyurethane foam.

Furthermore, our pumps and heaters are designed to deliver a maximum performance experience for the user whilst using minimal energy. An example of this is the warm air induction system featured in many of our hot tubs directing the heated air it captures into the spa’s water, saving energy by slowing the water’s cool down rate. Aquasun have put together a guide helping to answer the all important question: how much does it cost to run a hot tub?

Reducing costs with an Energy Efficient Hot Tub

Overall, your monthly operating costs are lowered by our hot tubs’ full foaming; the same type used in commercial freezers, FiberCor® insulation properties in certain models, the manufacture of tight-fitting spa covers, presence of powerful pumps and jets which activate only when needed, and LED lighting which uses less energy than a standard light bulb in all components. With fears allayed regarding the continuous cost of running a hot tub, and all instructions on dimensions and installation guidelines easily accessible, you should be fully prepared for your hot tub or spa.

Contact us for Hot Tub preparation advice

If you would like any further information about how to best prepare for the arrival of your hot tub or spa, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Aquasun’s friendly and dedicated team of advisors. Simply leave your details on our contact us page and await a response, or give us a call direct on 028 2763 7988 from Northern Ireland, or 01 69 500 29 from the Republic.

Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

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Hot Tub Preparation
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