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Slightly overwhelmed by the wealth of available information surrounding hot tubs? Keen to learn the benefits of ownership, or want further information on the installation process and eventual maintenance costs? As a well established, leading provider of hot tubs and swim spas in the UK and Ireland for more than 17 years, we are more than qualified to help settle your queries!

Beginning your journey to hot tub ownership is much easier than you may think. You can browse our superb ranges online and follow our ‘get a quote’ link, then simply await a response from our dedicated team. Alternatively, you can visit our Ballymena showroom to discuss your requirements and obtain guidance from our advisers, or simply give us a call direct.

Learn how owning a hot tub can have an extremely positive effect on your general lifestyle, with abundant physical and emotional benefits associated with its regular use. As well as providing a luxurious avenue to relaxation and stress relief, a valuable attachment to hot tub ownership is its advantages in a social sense, allowing you to spend valuable time with loved ones both in and outdoors.

Aquasun have built and maintained a tremendous reputation for customer service ever since our inception over 17 years ago. And our strive for improvement is never ending, meaning you will receive a long-lasting, reliable, top quality product when ordering from us, one which is covered by an all encompassing warranty. Our friendly and dedicated team of expert advisors are always on hand to provide guidance and assistance with your hot tub, even well after your purchase.

Hot tub filters are susceptible, over time, to clogging up as excess grease and dirt builds up naturally. Aquasun stock a range of products to help in this regard, whilst our building of such vast industry experience has seen us identify the best ways to make these treatments as effective as possible, and pass on such advice accordingly.

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Trying to find a hot tub, Endless Pool, BBQ Hut or sauna? Why not call our friendly team and discuss your options. With years of expertise we can help you find the best product to suit your requirements.

For hot tub, Endless Pool and sauna owners, we offer professional advice and services,
including an extensive chemical and accessory shop.