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Hot Spot Propel Hot Tub

Hot Spot Propel Hot Tub

HotSpring® create spas to provide the very best relaxation with the latest technology. With 23 jets, all designed to target particular muscles, you can unwind and get great health benefits from the Hot Spot Propel Hot Tub. With innovative technology, you can enjoy spa and save on energy costs at the same time with the SmartJet™ system.

The spa can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors, whatever the weather. The FiberCor® insulation retains heat so you can enjoy the spa for hours. With seating for up to five people and two lounger seats you can relax and enjoy the hot tub with family and friends.

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The HotSpot collection offers a range of options in size and design to suit your budget and needs. 

Create a relaxing retreat in your own home and let the powerful jets of water soothe your body and mind.

Different hydromassage jet functions provide targeted relief to aching muscles and rotating streams that act like the hands of a trained masseuse. The nozzles are easily adjustable if you’re looking for a gentle kneading sensation or an invigorating, powerful stream.



The HotSpot selection utilises the Energy Smart™ system to optimize performance and help you save on energy bills.

The space between the cabinet and shell is filled with advanced FiberCor® insulation, which has 4 times the density of standard spa insulation foam.  

The attractive, economical LED lighting can be controlled by a dimmer.

Covered by an unconditional 2-year warranty, the No-Fault™ heater provides efficient transfer, while cover of your HotSpot spa has a tight seal so that the entire system retains heat. 

The SmartJet system allows you to direct power only to the jets you are using so even a solo soak is a guilt-free indulgence!



The HotSpot collection gives you simple water care options to keep your spa in peak condition.

The bromine-based sanitising FROG™ system works continuously from within the shell of your spa and is formulated to stop contamination in warm water.

Reduce the need for chlorine and keep your water soft and sanitary with the Freshwater®  Ozone system, where an ozone generator and a non-chlorine oxidizer work in tandem to keep contaminants at bay.

If you’d rather maintain your spa with traditional chlorine-based products, you have the option to use bottled chemicals as part of a clear maintenance and sanitisation plan.



When you buy a hot tub through Aquasun, you can be guaranteed of outstanding ongoing support and advice. Tubs in the Highlife Collection come with a comprehensive warranty from a trusted manufacturer.



Simple lines, sumptuous shell.

The cabinet and shells of HotSpot spas have been designed to integrate sympathetically with any domestic environment or garden.  

Colourful and eco-friendly LED lighting provides an inviting glow amid the shimmering waters within.  Select models have waterfalls place around the perimeter to create a relaxing, fun environment for all the family.

The attractive shells are available in a range of colours and precision-sculpted to suit the contours of our bodies.  

There is also a choice of three beautiful cabinet colours.  Get a no-obligation quote from Aquasun today and see how a spa from the HotSpot Collection can become a therapeutic retreat in your home.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how economical it can be to own and maintain a hot tub!

Optional accessories available in our store

Cover Lifters

Cover Lifters

Spa covers to meet all space and design requirements.



We have a host of practical and attractive accessories to enhance your home spa.

Water Care

Water Care

Everything you need to keep your spa water sparkling clean can be found here.

HotSpot Pricing and Running costs

The HotSpot range has a fantastic range of options to suit your living space and needs.  A reliable heat and water system, comprehensive warranty and great heat retention make these hot tubs an excellent option if you’re looking for value for money coupled with a modern design that’s sure to win admirers.

Here’s an outline of just how affordable running a new HotSpot hot tub can be…

The HotSpot range offers state-of-the-art spa technology at great value and are available in a range of attractive designs. Aquasun currently have models from a bargain £5,250, with finance available.

Whatever hot tub takes your fancy, Aquasun offer flexible finance options with affordable monthly payments.

We want you to be able to enjoy prime performance from your hot tub throughout its life; that’s why we also offer a comprehensive maintenance service and shop for all your water care needs.

The fun, relaxation and health benefits of a quality hot tub are just a click away.  Contact our friendly team for a no-obligation quote.

Aquasun only sell Hot Tubs from manufacturers respected in the industry for reliability and energy efficiency.  

HotSpot spas have many innovative features to help you run a quality hot tub economically.  The cabinet is filled with FiberCor® insulation, which is super-dense and provides much greater heat retention than standard spa insulation.  The EnergySmart system includes a No-Fault heater that’s covered by an unconditional 2-year warranty.

You also have the option of either traditional chlorine-based water care or the innovative FreshWater system, which reduces the need for chemical intervention in maintaining crystal-clear spa water.   

Your HotSpot running costs could be as little as £20 per month, and our warranties mean you don’t have to worry about expensive replacements or repairs.

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