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How much does it cost to run a hot tub

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

Here at Aquasun, we understand that those looking to buy a hot tub will be concerned about hot tub running costs. Consequently, the one important question for people who are considering buying a hot tub is likely to be “how much does running a hot tub cost?”.

With 23 years of experience in the supply and operation of hot tubs, Aquasun has a wealth of expert knowledge within the hot tub industry. All of the hot tubs we supply are designed to be both highly cost and energy-efficient.

So, in this article, the experienced team at Aquasun will try to arm you with the best information regarding the costs that you should expect after purchasing a hot tub, and explain why our hot tub offerings differ from the rest in terms of quality and energy efficiency.

How Much Does It Cost To Heat a Hot Tub?

How much does it cost to heat a hot tub?

It’s critical to understand the energy requirements of the specific type of hot tub you’re purchasing when calculating hot tub operating costs. This is due to the fact running costs differ based on brand and model type. Aquasun will work with you to make sure that you get the most from your money and find the most efficient hot tub within your price range.

It is very important to assess and consider your budget before buying a hot tub. It’s no secret that hot tubs use electricity, but a lesser-known fact is that it is best practice to keep your hot tub running 24/7 for maintenance purposes. It goes without saying that for this reason, you will notice a slight increase in your electricity bills.

A high-quality and properly insulated hot tub, like the hot tubs we offer here at Aquasun, is likely to set you back around £30-40 a month on average. This figure will undoubtedly stay around the same if you maintain your hot tub regularly and to a good standard.

If you decide to go for a lesser quality hot tub because the price is lower, then you are more likely to see a significant rise in your electricity bills. This is because lower quality hot tubs are not built with energy efficiency in mind and therefore cost you more in the long run on maintenance and running costs.

Aquasun supplies a wide variety of calming and powerful hot tubs that include products from all the leading brands. If you’re looking for a high-quality hot tub, check out the hot tub range at Aquasun now!

How much electricity does a hot tub use?

When considering hot tub running costs it is important to consider all of the variables, such as size (hot tub water volume), design, quality and location, when trying to assess how much the overall operating cost will be for your dream hot tub.

However, when talking about just the electricity costs, it’s essential to consider the following:

1. The climate of your location

Colder areas require more energy to achieve and maintain optimal hot tub heat levels.


2. The cost of electricity in your area

To find the unit cost of electricity in your area, check your electricity bill as prices differ all across the country.


3. The type, density and quantity of the insulation used in your hot tub

Better quality insulation means that less heat will be lost, resulting in less electricity required to heat your hot tub and maintain temperature.


4. The size of the hot tub

The bigger the hot tub, the more water it contains, therefore more energy is required to heat the higher volume of water.


5. Your hot tubs insulating cover

Custom-fitted hot tub covers work best to preserve heat, therefore reducing electricity costs required to to maintain the temperature of the water.


6. Circulation Pump

The power required to operate the circulation and filtration of a well-built hot tub can often be a fraction of the cost that it takes to run the circulation systems in many of the cheaper less efficient hot tubs.


All of the above factors come into play when considering your ideal hot tub without breaking the bank on your electricity bills. Speak to one of our advisors today and discuss these factors so that we can help you make the best hot tub decision.

Keep Your Hot Tub Turned On

Should I keep my hot tub on all the time?

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, it is less energy efficient to turn your hot tub off and back on for each use. This is because once the water is at temperature it is a lot less energy-intensive to maintain the temperature, as opposed to heating up the water from cold.

There’s also the added benefit of having your hot tub available for you at any time and not having to wait for it to heat up as this can take a while.


How to work out the running costs of your hot tub

Calculating the running cost of your hot tub is just like calculating the cost of any other appliance. You need to know the cost of one kW per hour in your local area (this information will be on your electricity bill). Multiply the kW hours used by the unit cost of your electricity. All of the hot tubs at Aquasun come with detailed energy consumption information allowing you to calculate this effectively.

It’s important to consider all factors at play when looking at the expected cost of running a hot tub. Aquasun has provided a simple cost breakdown based on a good quality hot tub that is used three to four times a week, for approximately 30-45 minutes.

The total estimated annual cost of running a hot tub is £675 – £965 a year based on the information below.

  • £275 – £365 in electricity 
  • £250 – £300 for water care and consumables 
  • £150 – £300 in service costs

Hot Tub Running Cost Example

For example, if your hot tub uses 2kWh and your energy rate is 15 pence per kWh, then running your hot tub for 1 hour would cost just 30p.


Do large hot tubs cost more to run than small hot tubs?

Yes. The reason that larger hot tubs cost more to run on average is that there is more water volume. More water volume means that it takes more energy to heat all of the extra water. It also costs more to maintain the heat, but the difference is negligible.

How to lower hot tub running costs

How to reduce hot tub running costs

The best way to reduce your hot tub running costs is to invest in a well-insulated high quality hot tub. The better the hot tub, the more cost-efficient it is due to the better quality materials that make for better insulation, retaining the heat and reducing unnecessary reheating costs.

Energy efficient hot tubs keep running costs low

Many of our hot tubs and swim spas are manufactured with multiple layers of high density, water-repellent, closed-cell polyurethane foam to preserve their insulation value. This keeps the heat trapped within the hot tub both during use and when not in use. Here are our top tips for keeping hot tub running costs down.

1. Keep It Running

As previously mentioned, it is best to keep your hot tub running constantly as it negates the need for reheating the water each time you want to use it.

2. Insulated Covers Lock In Heat

Insulated covers can save up to £100 in energy usage in a month for hot tubs that are used on a daily basis. Aquasun offers exclusive insulated covers, for a customised fit; they feature child-resistant safety locks, and are classified to the highest safety standard. These covers use 1.5lb and 2lb high-density foam insulation to lock in the heat. Take a look at spa covers.

3. Proper Maintenance Preserves Efficiency

In order to maintain maximum efficiency from your hot tub, it is important to ensure that it is properly maintained. One way to do this is to properly clean your filters monthly and change them as recommended by the manufacturer. Clean filters put less stress on pumps and makes the heating system more efficient. The more you take care of your hot tub, the more money you will save.

Some of our most energy efficient hot tubs are part of the Hot Spot range. These tubs are ideal for first time buyers, offering a budget model without the compromise on efficiency or appearance.

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