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How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

Here at Aquasun we appreciate that one question that is likely to be at the front of anyone’s mind who is considering buying a hot tub is how extortionate will the running costs will be.

Aquasun has been supplying hot tubs for 20 years and possesses an expert knowledge within the field. All of the hot tubs from Aquasun are designed to be energy efficient and therefore cheaper to run.

So in our latest article, the experienced Aquasun team provide you with details on the costs that you may expect to face after purchasing a hot tub, and discuss why Aquasuns selection of hot tubs differ from the rest in terms of quality and energy efficiency.

How Much Does it Cost to Heat a Hot Tub?

The running cost of a hot tub differs from model to model and brand to brand, but we work hard to ensure that you get the most from your money and enjoy your hot tub without having to worry about large running costs.

It is crucially important to analyse your budget prior to buying a hot tub, and only choose a product that reflects your budget. Of course because hot tubs are fueled by an electrical source, and it is important that your hot tub runs 24/7 for maintenance reasons, having a hot tub will increase your monthly energy bill.

A high quality and effectively insulated hot tub like the hot tubs available here at Aquasun on average are likely to set you back around £30-40 a month. This figure could potentially drop if you maintain your hot tub to a high standard.

However if you opt for a poor quality hot tub, although the price of the hot tub may be cheaper you are likely to lose out in the long run as monthly costs could cost in excess of £100 a month. This point emphasizes why it is pivotal not to opt for a lower quality cheaper option over a more reliable, highly efficient hot tub.

Aquasun supply a selection of soothing and powerful hot tubs that include products from all the leading brands. If you’re looking for a high quality hot tub, check out the hot tub range at Aquasun now!

Energy Efficient Hot Tubs Keep Running Costs Low

Many of our hot tubs and swim spas are manufactured with multiple layers of high density, water-repellent, closed-cell polyurethane foam to preserve their insulation value. This keeps the heat trapped within the hot tub both during use and when not in use.

Insulated Covers Lock In Heat

Aquasun also offers exclusive insulated covers, for a customised fit. Featuring child-resistant safety locks, and classified to the highest safety standard, these covers ensure the ‘locking-in’ of heat via 1.5 or 2 lb. foam insulation.

Proper Maintenance Preserves Efficiency

In order to maintain maximum efficiency from your hot tub, it is important to ensure that it is properly maintained. One way to do this is to change filters regularly, the more you take care of your hot tub, the more money you will save. By frequently cleaning your filters every time the water is changed and replacing it annually you will result in cleaner water and a more energy efficient tub.

Some of our most energy efficient hot tubs are part of the Hot Spot range. These tubs are ideal for first time buyers, offering a budget model without the compromise on efficiency or appearance.

Contact Aquasun for a Hot Tub Running Costs Breakdown

If you are thinking of purchasing a hot tub, but would like to find out more about running costs and pricing, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team can offer expert advice and support when it comes to choosing the perfect spa for you.

You can call our offices on 028 2763 7988 (Northern Ireland) or just contact our team online.


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