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Hot tubs pumps

Jets and Pumps

In terms of water jets, our hot tubs contain systems of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each specifically designed to target a particular muscle group. All of an extremely powerful capacity, but one that can be adjusted at the user’s own discretion, our jet systems are customisable to give you the most soothing massage experience you could wish for.

And you should give careful consideration to the jets featured in your hot tub or swim spa before you buy it, basing your decision not only upon the main health benefits associated with its use, but also the area(s) of your body you would prefer to be massaged most regularly. Footstream, SoothingStream and Rotary Hydromassage jets are just some examples of state-of-the-art systems incorporated into our components.

Powerful Pumps to enhance your massage experience

As well as featuring the absolute best in terms of revolutionary water jet systems within our hot tubs and swim spas, they also boast powerful performance jet pumps that too contribute to an unbelievable massage experience. The Wavemaster® jet pump provides the most powerful flow of all our pumps, which much like our jets, can have their output adjusted to the user’s preference. Furthermore, our unique jet pumps are designed to vent heat from the equipment compartment, thus creating a cooler working environment for their motors and electronic features, and ultimately contributing to a longer operating lifespan for your hot tub or swim spa.

The Aquasun Jets Range

Moto-Massage™ DX Jets

Building on the original Moto-Massage jet, the Moto-Massage DX jet produces 2 powerful streams of water that sweep up and down your back for a fabulous massage experience.

Rotary HydroMassage Jet

These rotating jets produce a deep massage effect through a powerful stream of moving water that can relieve tension in targeted areas.

Directional HydroMassage Jet

These soothing jets can be adjusted to direct a stream of water wherever you need it, allowing you to customise your massage.

Hydrostream ™ Jets

Producing a constant powerful flow of water, Hydrosteam™ jets offer maximum tension relief.

Rotary Precision ™ Jets

The rotating nozzles of this jet focus on delicate areas like your wrists, helping to gently relieve tension.

Directional Precision™ Jet

Simply adjust the direction of the nozzles to focus jets of water to your back, neck or calves.

FootStream ™ Jets

Our most powerful jet, the FootStream produces a strong stream of water that relieves aching feet and releases tension deep in your back.

Soothing Stream ™ Jet System

Featuring 12 ports that produce a broad, strong steam of water, the Soothing Stream™ Jet System relieves tension in your upper back and shoulders.

Quartet™ Jet System

Placed above the Moto-Massage DX jet, the Quartet™ jet system features 4 precision jets that work together to gently relieve tension in your neck and shoulders.

Combination XL Jets

These provide tension relief for large areas like your shoulders and back through a wide and powerful stream of water.

Combination Jets

These adjustable jets can target the feet, shoulders or back, either through a stationary stream or a rotating massage – the choice is yours!

Contact us about our Hot Tub Jets & Pumps

If you would like to obtain further information with regards to the superb selection of hot tub jets and pumps featured within our commodities, then please don’t hesitate to contact the Aquasun team. You can reach us by leaving your details on our contact us page and awaiting a response, or by simply calling us on 028 2763 7988 from Northern Ireland.


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