How to Maintain Swim Spa Filters

3rd February 2015

Hot tub and swim spa filters can, over time, prove vulnerable to clogging up as a result of natural excess dirt and grease. Aquasun offer a range of products to help you take preventative measures against this, whilst our immense industry experience has led to our extreme comfort in identifying the best ways to make these treatments as effective as possible, and forward such advice to our customers and clients. Contrasting water types fill different swim spas, your property’s location usually deciding which kind is used. And with that in mind, careful attention should be afforded to the differing actions that your swim spa may need in recognition of the varied water types being utilised.

Choosing the Right Swim Spa Filter

Aquasun offer a superb selection of hot tub and swim spa filters, which can be used on specific items within our outstanding Riptide swimspa collections, often decided in accordance with brand. The type of filter you opt to purchase should therefore be carefully considered, and you must be certain that your chosen product lines up with the brand of hot tub you have bought, or are plan to purchase.

Cleaning Your Swim Spa Filter

It is extremely important to regularly clean filters, thus countering the conglomeration of dirt and grease, which can result in eventual corrosion and staining within the swim spa. Aquasun again has an ideal swim spa filter cleaning equipment solution for you, boasting an array of products within our chemical and water care section. Our standard Aquasun cartridge cleaner is greatly acclaimed, and provides a simple, yet highly effective method to clean your filter(s).

Initially, you should remove any and all filters from your swim spa, and soak them in cartridge cleaner for 24 hours. This process will chemically dismantle unwanted chemicals, and after this, and a hosing down, your filter or filters will appear as new. Should you live in, or have your swim spa installed in a hard water area meanwhile, use of a pressure cleaner as well as a hose is essential to the securing of the best results possible.

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How to Maintain Swim Spa Filters
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