28th September 2015

Safe, durable, energy efficient Hot Tub covers

We count ourselves amongst the finest in the industry when it comes to the provision of energy efficient hot tub spas and covers. Predominantly engineered from vinyl, our tight-fitting hot tub covers lock in heat, whilst their foam core properties boost the covers’ R-factor to provide extra energy efficiency. Also, the marine grade vinyl from which our cover cores are manufactured allows for water run-off, whilst their polyester thread and laminate form a vapour barrier to offer protection from harsh weather, chemicals and intense sunlight. Extra zipper strength is provided by nylon flaps, helping combating the possibility of breakage or tears.

Energy Efficiency

Furthermore, the presence of exclusive, sturdy brackets offers strong support as well as easy installation of our cover lifters. Extra strength paddle handles team with a double-stitched vinyl hinge to produce long lasting performance qualities, and 24 internal stress points are reinforced in each cover, inclusive of aluminium reinforcement for maximum strength and minimum weight. Your hot tub or spa cover can be easily secured with its reinforced adjustable straps, and is rest assured UL-classified according to ASTM safety standards.

Hot Tub & Spa Care Products

It is important to keep your hot tub or spa clean, and you can do so with Aquasun’s great range of filters, spa vacuums and more, all designed to aid your specific model. Take a look at our superb selection of hot tub and spa care products.

Freshwater Spa Care Products


Creating with the aim of allowing users to get the most out of their hot tub or spa, the Freshwater Spa Care product range is inclusive of a spa care starter kit with chlorinating granules, an MPS oxidiser, de-foamer, spa water maintenance guide and much more. 5-way test strips are also available as an easy means to test spa water hardness levels, whilst stain and scale defense products control mineral and scale formation. Reactive silicone helps prevent fading and oxidation, and the use of a no-soak instant filter cleaner will help to maximise your filter’s lifespan.

EverFresh Water Care Products

To be used with the EverFresh water care system, the oxidisers within this product collection assist in the activation of your spa’s silver ions to help them perform quicker. The MPS chlorine-free oxidiser is pH neutral, so as not to adjust water chemistry, whilst the MPSCENTS oxidiser helps keep water as clean as possible, and is available in a variety of soothing scents.

MPS test strips can help you easily assess the MPS, pH and alkalinity levels of your hot tub or spa, whilst the continuous silver ion purifier further negates the requirement of chlorine by combating bacterial growth. The Freshwater III high-output ozone system, included as standard on all Highlife models, neutralises contaminents to enhance the quality of your water. It can be added to any Limelight or Hot Spot spa with minimal fuss.

Additional Spa Care Products

We offer a wide range of additional spa care products, which includes the SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump; an automatic water filter in operation 24/7. It works silently and efficiently, guaranteeing a constant supply of hot, clean water. We can also provide a 100% no-bypass filtration system, achieving balanced filtration with no requirement for bypassing. And the Tri-X filter is another popular spa care product, given its propensity to clean twice as big a surface area of other cartridges of the same size. Also, the Clean Screen pre-filter can be bought to eliminate organic contaminants before they even have chance to enter your hot tub or spa. And the Vanishing Act calcium remover helps provide softer water, thus giving you silkier skin, by protecting your spa components from the potentially damaging effects of hard water.

Contact us for Hot Tub Care Products

If you would like more information about any of our great range of hot tub care products, then please be sure to get in touch with the Aquasun team at your earliest convenience. Simply leave your details on our contact us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, or call us on 028 2763 7988 from Northern Ireland, or 01 69 500 29 from the Republic.

Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Offering only the best Hot Spring models, Aquasun’s revered industry standing originates from our first class provision of hot tubs throughout Ireland and the UK. Take a look at our outstanding hot tub collection here.

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Swim Spas

Swim Spas

Considering the numerous health benefits associated with their use, in addition to their functionality as a luxury relaxation haven, Aquasun swim spas serve an array of purposes for buyers.

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