How to Prepare for your Sauna?

3rd February 2015

Regardless of whether your sauna pursuit is in its infancy, or you are anxiously awaiting your model’s delivery, Aquasun can help you plan for its eventual arrival. No matter if you have opted for a conventional, barrel or infrared sauna, our dedicated and experienced team are well positioned to offer advice on the most convenient locations for your product, and the finest from an aesthetic standpoint. We can also help you ensure a quick, safe delivery of your chosen sauna, and explain how to get the very best out of your sauna in terms of energy efficiency, to guarantee its operation in a fashion that is as easy as possible on the purse-strings.

Energy Efficient Sauna Operation

Even in comparison with our tremendous range of hot tubs and swim spas, which themselves perform with optimal energy efficiency, our fantastic collection of saunas use far less power to heat and remain warm. Aquasun’s conventional and traditional saunas provide the most energy efficient form of heat bathing available, but that is not to underestimate the efficiency with which our barrel saunas also perform, and how environmentally friendly all three types are.

Indeed, sustainable forest timber is used to engineer the interior of our saunas, further aiding the drive to minimise EMF emissions and eliminate VOC’s altogether. As a result, only standard and expected sauna toxins are released, guaranteeing your safety from exposure to additional toxins, whilst all the while saving money via your product’s energy efficient operation.

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How to Prepare for your Sauna?
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