Sauna FAQs

Are you feeling utterly overwhelmed by the immense range of information available about saunas? Do you want to know about the benefits of owning such a product, or learn more on the installation process and maintenance costs? Or simply need some guidance regarding whether a conventional, infrared or barrel sauna is the best option for you? As a leading supplier of saunas in Ireland and the UK for more than 17 years, Aquasun are confident of answering any queries you may have!

Aquasun Guarantees

Aquasun have built and maintained a terrific reputation for customer service ever since our inception as a company over 17 years ago.

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Maintenance of Sauna Rocks and Heaters

At the very core of a successful sauna operation, the presence and continued maintenance of heaters and sauna rocks is absolutely essential, and actually incredibly easy to control.

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How to Maintain your Sauna?

Renowned as a leading hot tub and swim spa supplier in Ireland and the UK for over 17 years, Aquasun’s provision of an outstanding collection of saunas has only served to strengthen our industry reputation.

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How to Buy a Sauna?

Setting out on the road towards sauna ownership is a far less burdensome and time consuming than you perhaps imagined. We afford you the chance to browse our sensational collections online, and make us of our ‘get a quote’ link, leaving you to simply wait for a response from one of our expert consultants.

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Why Buy a Sauna?

Learn about how owning a sauna can have phenomenal effect on your general lifestyle, with a plethora of physical and mental benefits linked to their regular use. Sauna ownership also provides advantages in a social sense, affording you the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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Sauna Maintenance Guides & Tips

Here at Aquasun, we do much more than just supply saunas. We extend support throughout your ownership, after all it's our mission to help you make the most out of your sauna. If you haven't had your question answered in one of the above guides, don't hesitate to call us on 028 2763 7988 Perhaps you are using our guides to help you make an informed decision about purchasing your own health boosting sauna! Why not take a look at the range of saunas for sale in Northern Ireland?
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