Aqua Power Swim Fitness 4E

Aqua Power Swim Spas

The Aqua Power Swim Fitness 4E swim spa represents one of the most spacious luxury items within our range. The commodity spans 7.2m, so is plenty big enough for swimming in whilst a swim partner relaxes at the spa end. The Aqua Power Swim Fitness 4E is perfect for taller swimmers in particular.

Six high-power jet pumps populate this Aqua Power swim spa, which also features a soft air massage system, revolutionary LED lighting properties, built-in speakers and much more. A number of revolutionary features are included as standard in our great range of Aqua Power swim spas.

Recent Swim Spa Installation
Aqua Power Installation

“Our son gets so much relief and benefit each time he has hydrotherapy and now that he has it available every day at home instead of once a month at the local hospital it is just fantastic.”

Aqua Power Swim Fitness 4E Specs

Dimensions 7.2m x 2.28m x 1.28/1.52m
Water capacity 14000 / 16000 liters
Heating system Full Flow Electric Heater 3kw
Jet pumps LX LP300 5 HP x 6
Circulation pumps LX WTC50M 1/4 HP, LX AP300 1/2 HP (Air Pump)
Sanitation UV Synergy System
Power 20 Amp - 380V / 60 Amp - 230 V
Insulation Ultra Efficient Dual-Wrap Cabinet Insulation
Vinyl cover 5/4 Ultra Efficient Walk-On Cover - Optional
Special features Soft Air Massage System, Molded Headrest Soft Pillows with LED Light, StarBrite Interior LED Light System, Audio System with iPOD docking station, 2 built-in speakers, Water Fall Massage
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