Riptide Manta Swim Spa

Riptide Manta Swim Spas

As Riptide’s largest combined swim and spa, the Riptide Manta is equally as effective as an exercise pool and hot tub.

Equipped with three 4 HP pumps as well as a 3 HP pump, a barely fathomable 2200 gallons of clear, turbulence-free flow to swim against is provided each minute. And with a contrasting swim line and jet backlighting helping users to maintain a central swim stream position, its functionality is wholly evident.

Each of the Manta’s four jets are powered by dedicated pumps, whilst the spa end of the component features a full three-seat lounger, in addition to 32 adjustable hydromassage jets.


Riptide Manta Swim Spa Specs

Dimensions 5.94m x 2.29m x 1.54m
Water capacity 9,560 litres
Shell Colours Aristech in Ocean Wave, Silver White Marble, Midnight or Sand
Cabinet Maintenance free UV resistant synthetic wood in Coffee or Grey
Lighting system Underwater LED lighting, Multi Point perimeter LED lighting system, LED backlit counter current jets
Pool jets Swim End: 4 wide mouth counter-current jets with 2,200 gallons per min power output, Spa End: 32 high power jets with stainless steel escutcheons, 8 aromatherapy jets
Heating system 3kW heater, 4 x 25 sq ft filtration with top loading cartridges, corona discharge Ozone system
Jet pumps 2 x 4HP 1 Speed pumps, 1 x 3HP pump, 1 x 2HP pump, 1.5HP Air Blower pump
Circulation pumps 1 HP
Power 48 amps
Insulation 100mm 2lb closed cell foam, plus reflective insulation boards fitted to all sides and floor, with airtight heat lock cabinet
Warranty 5 year limited Warranty
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