Riptide Nautilus Freestyle Exercise Pool

Riptide Nautilus Swim Spas

Particularly suited to locations where power supply may prove problematic, the Riptide Nauticus Freestyle Exercise Pool is a compact component, yet represents a dedicated swimming machine in possession of a vast array of features.

Using the standard Nautilus pool as a design basis, this Freestyle version boasts all of the same features except the counter current, allowing the user to save on power and running costs, without compromising the pool’s basic duty to provide a comfortable swimming environment.

Also sporting a depth of 1.50m, the Nautilus Freestyle is a fully suitable component in which to perform aquarobics, and any other mobility exercises.

And this Freestyle model is another to utilise the Super Swim Pro swimrod system; a device similar to a fishing pole that is situated on a 45-degree anchor to the swimmer’s back, and connected via a strong line to a Velcro belt attached to the swimmer’s waist. The swimrod ensures a fantastic swim experience, allowing for the user to swim at their own pace in any style they prefer, with the swimrod keeping them gently positioned in the pool’s centre.

Furthermore, the impressive flexibility of the swimrod lets the user swim hard, pulling the swimmer gently back into place following each stroke. The Swim Pro swimrod is popular amongst a variety of professional swimmers, who prefer its use as opposed to swimming lengths, or against a counter current.

Finally, our Freestyle pools tend to remain very clean with little maintenance. Possessing covers to prevent leaves and rubbish entering the pool, as well as skimmers to easily sweep flies and leaves into its filters, these comfortably prove the easiest conventional pools to own.

Riptide Nautilus Freestyle Exercise Pool Specs

Dimensions 5.9m x 2.25m x 1.59m
Water capacity 9,560 litres
Shell Colours Aristech in Ocean Wave, Silver White Marble, Midnight or Sand
Cabinet Maintenance free UV resistant synthetic wood in Coffee or Grey
Lighting system Water-edge lighting system
Heating system 3kW heater, 4 x 25 sq ft filtration, top loading cartridge, corona discharge Ozone system
Jet pumps 1 x 2HP pump
Circulation pumps 1 HP
Power 16 amps
Insulation 100mm 2lb closed cell foam, plus reflective insulation boards fitted to all sides and floor, with airtight heat lock cabinet
Vinyl cover Fully insulated heavy-duty Lid in choice of Clay or Grey vinyl
Warranty 5 year limited Warranty
Special features Anti-slip pool floor, steps allow entry from three sides
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