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Maintaining your Endless Pool

At Aquasun we offer a range of Endless Pools suitable for both homes and commercial spaces – exporting our collections around the globe. However, whether you have an Endless Pool for business or pleasure, the maintenance of your product is fundamental to maximising its life span and efficiency.

In contrast to a traditional swimming pool, Endless Pools are considerably lower maintenance as they don’t necessitate full water changes and only require weekly testing of the water. Another benefit to Endless Pools is that they are significantly cheaper to heat, although it is important to note that heating costs vary depending on three factors – volume of water, method used for heating and the model of pool.

Key Endless Pool Maintenance Tasks

  1. Depending on how much the Endless Pool is used, it is more than likely the cartridge filter will need to be cleaned every month and replaced every 6 months.
  2. When testing the water each week you must add chlorine to balance the water as required.

Changing the Water in your Endless Pool

Overtime due to adding chemicals, there can be a build-up of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) therefore, it is advised that your Endless Pool should have one third of its water replenished every six months, in order to rejuvenate the water and maintain optimum sanitiser levels in the Endless Pool.

If the Endless Pool is properly maintained, it should not warrant a complete water change. On the contrary, a full water change can be detrimental to Endless Pools with liners, as the water seals in the side wall fittings.

Explore AquaSun’s Water Care Products

Aquasun endeavour to make product care as simple as possible for our customers – that’s why we supply an extensive range of water care products such as spa chemicals, testing kits, replacement parts and filters. Additionally, Aquasun offers a technical assistance service to help with any Endless Pool maintenance or water treatment queries.

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