Freeflow Spas

Huge Variety of Models from Freeflow

With a range of impressive features at a very reasonable price, the Freeflow Spa collection is likely to provide the ideal hot tub solution for many a soon-to-be hot tub owner. Easily one of the finest value hot tub selections from our collection, especially considering their feature-packed design, Freeflow hot tub models are popular amongst first-time and seasoned hot tub owners alike.

Freeflow Spas® Range

Browse our amazing range of Freeflow Spa products for a complete, end-to-end spa solution, and why not get a quote from us to find out how much your perfect Freeflow Spa will cost? If you would like any further information with regards to our outstanding Freeflow Spas, simply give us a call on 028 2763 7988 (Northern Ireland).

Lightweight and portable

Worried about moving your hot tub to a new property? Freeflow Spas® hot tub range is designed to be durable, lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily move your hot tub to a new property or out of the way when the garden is being worked on. This is thanks to the Freeflow Spas® Rotomolding production process, creating your hot tub out of strong and lightweight plastics that are easier to maintain and less likely to break.

Quality, guaranteed

Freeflow Spas® are that sure of their product that they offer numerous different guarantees and warranties as standard. They come with a 5-year structure and shell/surface warranty, a 2-year synthetic wood cabinetry warranty and a 1-year equipment, labour, and plumbing warranty, so you can be sure that you’re covered if anything happens to go wrong.

Where are Freeflow Spas made?

Freeflow Spas® are made in their factory in California and are manufactured by a unique, cost and labour efficient process called rotomolding, where powdered plastic is warmed and spun around in a mold until the entire mold has been filled. All of Freeflow Spas® hot tubs are manufactured and inspected under strict ISO 9001 standards – ensuring the highest production standards.

Best Price Hot Tubs & Novuna Finance

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Not sure which hot tub is right for you?

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