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Create a hub for relaxation and fitness with a Swim Spa from Aquasun, Northern Ireland’s leading spa supplier.

Endless Pools Are Ideal for Relaxing & Fitness

Aquasun are an approved retailer for Aqua Power and Riptide Swim Spas, boasting over 17 years’ experience supplying and installing in the UK & Ireland. Our selection of swim spas are ideal for everyone, families included, and can be used for fitness or simple relaxation purposes. There are many health benefits that come attached with the regular use of our top quality swim spas, and you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Aquasun about buying your ideal model today.


Aquatic Fitness®
Swim Spas

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Workout in smooth currents to suit any intensity of swim and unwind with a soothing hydromassage.
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Endless Pool

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Adjustable currents for the swim you want. The pool is fitted to suit your living space.
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Hydrotherapy Pool

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Versatile heat, water and motion options bring the therapeutic benefits of water exercise into your home.
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What is a Swim Spa?

If you are looking for something that is bigger than a hot-tub or Jacuzzi so you can swim, but you don’t want to fork out for extortionate swimming pool prices, then here at AquaSun we have the perfect solution for you.

Swim Spas are designed to have all the beneficial features of a swimming pool whilst also taking up a relatively small space in your garden! Swim spas use innovative technology to produce a continuous water current for you to swim against, meaning you can achieve the ultimate swimming exercise in the comfort of your own space.

Alternatively if you’d rather kick back and relax, you can change the settings on your Swim Spa and unwind either on your own or with family and friends to sooth both the body and the mind.

Incredible Exercise Swim Spas Offers

Swim spas are a great addition to any home as you enjoy the health and relaxation benefits from your own home. Aquasun stock a range of exceptional swimming facilities, including Riptide swim spas, Aqua Power spas and Endless Pools. With finance packages available on all our swim spas, you can find a deal perfect for you.

How Much Does an Endless Pool Cost?

At AquaSun we are regularly asked how much a swim spa will cost, which is why he have several Swim Spa finance packages available to help you find a solution that matches your budget! One particular Swim Spa range that is popular among our clients due to its revolutionary design are our Riptide Swim Spas.

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If you have found a product you love, then you can get a quote on our swim spas. If you would like any more information on any of the swim spas or endless pools available through Aquasun, give us a call on 028 2763 7988 from Northern Ireland for further information on our extensive collection.