Modular Endless Pools

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Choose from our swim-current options to have exactly the experience you want. Each is fully adjustable to suit everyone in your household. Because we use a heavy-gauge vinyl liner inside the steel wall panels, you are not constrained by a mould. You can make an Endless Pool exactly the size and depth that you want.

The Endless Pool is a complete system that includes the pool, water-quality and heating systems, a swim current generator, and return channels. Popular options include wider, longer, and deeper models, retractable security covers, interior steps/seats, exterior stairs, custom coping and skirting, and underwater treadmills.

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Browse our luxury endless pool ranges, and get in touch with Aquasun if you would like additional information or advice on choosing the ideal model to buy today. Looking for a endless pool but don’t think you can afford to pay in full? Here at Aquasun we have a finance system that allows you to enjoy a brand new endless pool without setting you back.

Join a Novuna payment plan and spread out your costs with a scheme that allows you to pay for what you can afford. this is an easy alternative to paying in cash or card, where for just a small fee each month you will have access to a self-serve portal and be in complete control of your payment schedule. Our no fuss application process means you can receive a credit decision in minutes. So, apply online or through your mobile device now and get started on your endless pool purchase!

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