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How to enjoy BBQs all year round with a BBQ Hut

Summer is traditionally the time of the year when we start thinking about getting outdoors to enjoy the, sometimes, fleeting sunshine; whether it is days at the beach, dining alfresco in the evening or enjoying reading a book in the garden and, with all of that comes the idea of barbecues. With the Irish weather not at all being reliable, the perfect way to really make the most of our barbecues is by the safe haven of a BBQ Hut.

BBQ Huts from Aquasun

With a BBQ hut from Aquasun, BBQs needn’t only be for summer. Our BBQ huts can be used in the summer as a great way to shelter from the sun, provide a hosting point and provide somewhere to put the beers, but can also be used in the autumn, winter and spring, when the weather isn’t quite as good.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a BBQ hut this summer but are worried about whether you will use it in the winter, then you needn’t be anxious!

Our stunning BBQ huts are built to resist wet climates and can actually be used all year round. Not only does this mean you can host BBQs throughout the year, it means that you can install a product in your garden that will enhance your property and improve your lifestyle.

BBQ huts from Aquasun use the highest quality northern pine, as opposed to the less expensive spruce, and provide a perfect setting for hosting a BBQ regardless of the weather.

Aquasun BBQ hut range Q&A

Where should I site a BBQ hut?

Your BBQ Hut can be sited anywhere in your garden. It can make a great focal attraction in your garden, so usually positioning it where it can be viewed from your house is best. We would suggest a corner of the garden where you can plant some shrubs around it, in order to blend the BBQ hut in with its surroundings. Additionally, a pathway  leading to the hut and outdoor lighting are great ways to maximise the aesthetic of your luxury BBQ hut in your garden.

Do BBQ huts need a base?

Aquasun’s BBQ Huts require a solid level base to sit on. This can be made out of wood decking, concrete or patio slabs. If the area you wish to build your BBQ Hut on is grass, we can provide a pressure treated base. This is usually the most economical option and also provides good ventilation under the hut for the air intakes, which are positioned below the BBQ grill to improve the draw of smoke up the chimney. It also means you have no site preparation to do as we can take care of the ground work. If you wish to prepare your own base please speak to us for advice.

Who will build my BBQ hut?

The Aquasun team will arrange the installation and construction of your BBQ Hut. Construction typically takes two days to complete so you won’t be waiting long. It is best if the site is solid and on level ground with plenty of space to construct and access the hut.

Contact us at Aquasun for your luxury BBQ hut

Aquasun are a leading supplier of hot tubs, swim spas, saunas and BBQ huts. Our professional, expert team are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our high-quality products.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our weather-resistant BBQ huts, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Aquasun and we’ll be sure to find the perfect BBQ hut for your requirements. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 028 2763 7988.



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