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Swim spas

What are the health benefits of swim spas?

Swim spas are good for your health and well-being, from relaxation techniques to soothing aching muscles and improving general fitness, swim spas are excellent for the human mind and body.

Aquasun are passionate about swim spas and their ability to enhance your quality of life. No matter what type of pool you are looking for, Aquasun can help. We have a high-quality range of swim spas available and all of them can improve your lifestyle and overall health.

Swim spas improve your health and lifestyle

Boost your fitness levels

Although swim spas may be smaller than the average swimming pool, they will give you the convenient option to exercise at home, as the spa is likely to be located in your own property. Using a swim spa can improve your fitness levels and help you to lose weight, all from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll be able to swim laps before or after work, with no need to travel anywhere.You can save money on paying for a gym or swimming pool membership at your local fitness centre.

Train like an athlete

If you are a keen swimmer, triathlete or aim to be as fit as possible, you may want to consider a challenging Endless Pool to really raise your heart rate and give yourself a workout. You can set the pace and create your very own training session at home.

Minimise the absorption of chemicals into your skin

Because swim spas are smaller than the average swimming pool, they require less chemicals to keep clean and they also require less chlorine. This is much more natural and healthy for your skin, hair and body, and will leave you feeling refreshed when you exit the pool.

Deep relaxation

Having your own luxury swim spa means that you can avoid the crowds down at the local pool and really relax. A swim spa is perfect for a relaxing swim or soak after a stressful day at work. As well as improving your body, a swim spa can improve your mind, reducing stress levels and giving you a place to get away from the issues of everyday life.

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Aquasun are leading suppliers of swim spas, hot tubs and saunas, get in touch with us online or call us directly on 028 2763 7988 (Northern Ireland).




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