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AquaSun recently installed an Aqua Power 1 in Co. Antrim to provide hydrotherapy at home for a disabled child. Our team of professional installers supplied and built a log cabin to house the swim spa which included space for a modern seating area for additional family members to relax.
The benefits of a swim spa for anybody with a disability are endless with regular use. It can help ease muscle and joint pain, as well as an exercising space should any other family member wish to use it. The customer requested a swim spa because they needed the space for their son to be able to be lowered into the water with a hoist and so that they could accompany him when he was having his hydrotherapy.  The customer said, “Our son gets so much relief and benefit each time he has hydrotherapy and now that he has it available every day at home instead of once a month at the local hospital it is just fantastic.”
AquaSun saw this project through, and many more, right from the beginning until the end, and provided an efficient and professional service to ensure the customer was happy with the Aqua Power 1 installation.

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